Buildbot v0.8.5 documentation

Master Organization

Buildmaster Service Hierarchy

Buildbot uses Twisted's service hierarchy heavily. The hierarchy looks like this:

class buildbot.master.BuildMaster

This is the top-level service.

class buildbot.master.BotMaster

The BotMaster manages all of the slaves. BuildSlave instances are added as child services of the BotMaster.

class buildbot.changes.manager.ChangeManager

The ChangeManager manages the active change sources, as well as the stream of changes received from those sources.

class buildbot.schedulers.manager.SchedulerManager

The SchedulerManager manages the active schedulers and handles inter-scheduler notifications.

IStatusReceiver implementations
Objects from the status configuration key are attached directly to the buildmaster. These classes should inherit from StatusReceiver or StatusReceiverMultiService and include an implements(IStatusReceiver) stanza.