Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. GerritVerifyStatusPush

class buildbot.reporters.status_gerrit_verify_status.GerritVerifyStatusPush

GerritVerifyStatusPush sends a verify status to Gerrit using the verify-status Gerrit plugin.

It is an alternate method to GerritStatusPush, which uses the SSH API to send reviews.

The verify-status plugin allows several CI statuses to be sent for the same change, and display them separately in the Gerrit UI.

Most parameters are renderables

class buildbot.reporters.status_gerrit_verify_status.GerritVerifyStatusPush(baseURL, auth, startDescription='Build started.', endDescription='Build done.', verification_name=Interpolate('%(prop:buildername)s'), abstain=False, category=None, reporter=None, verbose=False, **kwargs)
  • baseURL (string) – Gerrit HTTP base URL

  • auth (string) – a requests authentication configuration. (can be a Secret) if Gerrit is configured with BasicAuth, then it shall be ('login', 'password') if Gerrit is configured with DigestAuth, then it shall be requests.auth.HTTPDigestAuth('login', 'password') from the requests module.

  • string startDescription (renderable) – the comment sent when the build is starting.

  • string endDescription (renderable) – the comment sent when the build is finishing.

  • string verification_name (renderable) – the name of the job displayed in the Gerrit UI.

  • boolean abstain (renderable) – whether this results should be counted as voting.

  • boolean category (renderable) – Category of the build.

  • boolean reporter (renderable) – The user that verified this build

  • verbose (boolean) – Whether to log every requests.

  • builders (list) – only send update for specified builders

  • verify (boolean) – disable ssl verification for the case you use temporary self signed certificates

  • debug (boolean) – logs every requests and their response

This reporter is integrated with GerritChangeSource, and will update changes detected by this change source.

This reporter can also send reports for changes triggered manually provided that there is a property in the build named gerrit_changes, containing the list of changes that were tested. This property must be a list of dictionaries, containing change_id and revision_id keys, as defined in the revision endpoints of the Gerrit documentation